• He always stood there with a smile on his face
    Waiting for me to walk his way
    Little does he know someone is about to take my place
    I’m gonna get blown away
    Don’t bother looking when I’m not there to hold
    What you’ll find is my body lifeless and cold
    Remember the look in my eyes
    Now they’re free from a lifetime of lies
    Please don’t distract me
    Right now I’m busy
    About to cause myself a lot of misery
    Forget my days of dreaming
    They’re going down the drain
    Now I lay here screaming
    Soon there will be no pain
    If you come to my funeral
    I pray you ask
    For an open casket and the rain
    Treasure the time we shared a kiss
    For my lips are now closed and won’t remember sheer bliss
    Don’t forget this
    I’m now not around for you to miss
    You never bothered to say goodbye
    You only wanted me to die