• Loving you is worse than misery and pain
    Even when you just talk to me I feel your a temptation
    Your like poison killin me from the insides,
    Slowly and painfully
    At the feel of your hands I feel a weird sensation
    When you get near, when I feel your touch
    Just havin you near me is a torture
    Everytime you whisper my name
    Everytime i feel a tingling sensation
    Crawling all over my skin,
    Even when you just call out my name
    This a pain you give me
    Can't you make it go away
    Take it all away
    All this suffering and pain
    You know all you have to do is whisper those three words
    Softly and slowly into my ear
    Saying those three words
    "I love you"
    You will make this pain
    This suffering
    This agony
    Go all away