• Beauty is,
    Like the budding of flowers,
    Among the great wood towers,
    Where birds of many a color,
    Sing and holler,
    With great vines growing ever taller,
    As the deer dance in the wind's wake,
    And the fish gleam below the surface of mirror's lake,
    The colors and sounds of spring,
    Not even the most adorned bell can ring,
    Carry on life's passage,
    Even though it’s quite savage,
    Like the cool breezes of a summer's pass,
    With the gentle swaying of meadow grass,
    Under the great blue sky,
    Where many a fowl fly,
    And the earth begins to all out cry,
    With a sunset the color of a radiant bonfire flame,
    At which by time grows in fame,
    Driving even the most stable insane,
    Just like the colors of autumn,
    With outstanding reds and yellows,
    And fabulous oranges glide,
    As the breeze passes through beauty's trees,
    Raining brilliant leaves,
    Preparing for the winter of diamond clear purity,
    When the snow falls in great clarity,
    With the 'cicles of ice,
    Hanging from the trees,
    With a gleam and sparkle no mortal can price,
    As all is asleep in the Forest of Seasons,
    Beauty cannot be delayed,
    For surely beauty is more than what can be played,
    For beauty is of what is perceived of the mind and soul,
    For beauty is what fills the heart above and full!