• tab Dear Kayleigh,

    tab Why? I ask you, why? Why did you make the choice you made? If you hadn't made the fatal decision, you'd still be here. But you did, and you're not. I feel sad for you. Leaving before it's time. What happened to friends forever? You lied to me, and now you're dead. I would say "it serves you right", but no one deserves the fate you got, not even you. They told me that if you'd have ducked, you'd still be here. You almost lived. You didn't die instanly. You were in a coma for six months. But after all your mom could take, she decided to let you go. It was the right thing to do. I still miss you, but there is nothiing I can do. It's been four months since you died. I still visit your grave every Sunday. It's the only thing that keeps me going.
    tab We used to run. We used to play. But isn't that why we were friends? Because we had fun together without killing each other, right? Or was it because I loved your personality, the way you smiled, the way you looked at me when you'd gotten into trouble. The way you laughed when you thought something was immpossibly funny. Or the way you would listen to me even when you yourself had something immportant, or something cheerful to say. You would stay by my side, no matter what. You spoke up when no one else would. You took the blame if everyone else was to afraid.
    tab You, you, you. You betrayed me by going off and getting yourself killed. I know you didn't mean to, and I'll never blame you for it. What I wanted to say was thank you. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for being my friend, for being my sister, for just being there.

    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab heart Love always:
    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Your true best friend. Watch me from above.