• The End by Clover IceQueen

    The world around me is ending.
    The sky has turned to an ugly gray-green.
    The flowers droop and wilt.
    The streams of water are filled with mold,
    And all the fish are still.
    It does not rain, and no sun shines.
    The air is still and moist.
    It feels heavy upon my shoulders.
    There are no children nor toys.
    The food is stale and hard and tough.
    I find myself alone.
    Fire and ice are everywhere,
    Like nothing I’ve ever known.
    There is nothing to do all day long
    Except curl up in bed and cry.
    There is a darkness that opens up
    In the inner shadow of my eye.
    The world around me is ending,
    But there’s nothing I can do.
    All of this is happening
    Because of you.
    My heart has been ripped out.