• I was born under the tree of good and evil
    I was just a hatchling
    Then shortly after adam and eve left something horrible happen
    The flaming sword of fire fall upon me

    The sword turn me into a red egg
    Then I hatch into the bird of fire
    The Phoenix
    I dread for what has happen to me

    I now can not have any mates
    I have no other birds like me
    I mourn at night for why I turn into such a gruesome thing
    I want to Die

    I can`t go into afterlife like mortal creatures do
    I wish I didn`t have to rebirth after I die every hundred years
    I wish I can a least go to hell and be with people on fire
    I would have any fate besides this

    I ask God all the time why he gave me such a cruel fate
    I am the bird of paradise can`t I have and happy life to
    I can never have a pursuit of happiness like most creatures
    Eden to me is such a wretch place