• secrets are empty promises.
    we are deluded into believing that a secret is sacred
    but it's not
    no matter who you tell in confidence, someone else will always find out
    trust is the blame
    you trust and you trust that they'll keep your secret
    and when they don't you're almost not surprised
    but when you ARE surprised. it hurts the most
    because you trusted that a secret was a promise
    a promise to you that what you feel and what you say and what you do can be kept with others
    but it can't
    its a lie its deceit
    it's what we want to believe can free us from burdens kept to ourselves.
    but we can't escape the fatal disappointment that secrets will bring once shared.
    don't tell a secret
    unless you're prepared to have everyone know
    because secrets are empty promises of security.
    they're empty
    they're lies