• M love, once a lowly seed
    Blossomed into a beautiful rose
    Which you refused to see the beauty of
    I made the rose my heart and wore it on my sleeve
    My mistake was wearing my coat that day
    And you missed it
    I took that heart
    And made it my words
    But you were too busy talkting to listen
    So i took my words
    And burried them
    The soil, once brown, turned gold
    I took that gold
    And fashoined it into a present
    Ypu took it without a thank you
    And were sop careless you broke it
    You threw it away
    Now it is gone, lost forever
    I took what remained and burned it
    It turned into a phoenix of rebirth
    Which is locked in a golden cage
    With a golden key
    Which was broken and thrown away
    And is lost
    Never to be found