• my life might be bad and it makes me sad and i have every right to be mad at my dad for leaving but i dont want any attention and yes im very blunt but atleast have the decency in you to leave me alone and stop ringin my phone i just want to be alone and off my phone wanna lay down and close my eyes, and try to invision my life and cry and then die.
    i woke up and there was a man in my daughters room and i shot him boom turns out it was my dad and i said im so ******** sad trying to make my life even worse then the curse u left me with when you left me and mama in the dust of your car and for some reason i had a lust to bust and now it makes me glad you left us because your a disgrace to me and my family and theres nothing worse then seing your dad leaving and deiciving
    he left me with the taste of vinegar in my mouth you see he can trigger me but hell never figure me out so i take a bow and thank you all for coming out i take one more look and him now and say i hope your sick of me now look what you did to me you filled me with glee
    glee to me is the fee my daddy never payed to me but you see to me theres a fee that i cant pay anymore cuz my pappas a mother F'r and i hatem but i gritted my teeth and tired to make it work with him for my mommas sake proally made some mistakes but im man enough to face em today this games to hard to play im starting to think i my daddy was gay cuz he split left me and my momma in the dust of his car and prollay went to a bar he came back and we left i hope momma never said good bye to that dirty b*****d that betrayd me
    today, the next day, when he comes i will face, the disgrace that he put upon this displace of glee.Sure he left, we were all lonely, goin through our own hell with a pinch of glee. It makes me wonder if he ever loved us, if he could just get away and walk without a fussI tried and tried to undersstand what i had done wrong, maybe he'll understand if he reads this songI'm supposed to love em but it makes no difference, cuz in my mind he just defines bitternessDoesn't really matter what I do now, if i scream in his face infront of a crowdI hope they all see what he's really hidin, that he left his family and we just walks away and keeps on stridin