• The day passes in a blur,
    And I just sit there, head in hand,
    Thinking, thinking,
    Getting away.

    There--outside! There's a dragon,
    Silver, blue, golden-eyed.
    Such a beautiful creature,
    Floating among the green grass.

    Over there--inside, this time?--lurks a beast,
    Like that of a wolf, only larger, intense,
    Watching us all through slitted eyes.
    Quite the creature, covered in shadow.

    The evening passes in a blur,
    And I walk home, thoughts in mind,
    Looking at the sky now red,
    Painted with the blood of unseen warriors.

    My imagination wanders,
    Making the stars shine, full of tears,
    The crier the god of sorrow,
    The name I just created.

    There--on my right! A gilded shadow,
    A cat, a wonderful creature--
    So large, like a monster,
    But its eyes are so warm.

    Over there--on my left!--a darkened brightness,
    Black, shining, full of radience,
    It watches me
    Through wide, crimson eyes.

    The night passes in a blur,
    And I just lay there, looking at the ceiling,
    Watching my imagination
    Make the day a wonder.