• damnation is my life
    damnation is my soul
    damnation is

    seven rings bind me
    seven rings hold me
    seven rings damn me

    these rings so strong
    made of love
    bond to me this shell of life

    my hope is gone and
    in it my core
    a piece of me apart from shore

    i hate the ones whose
    promises keep the flowing red
    with me still

    and in this hate i am damned still
    for seven promises hold me still
    i go to cut and rend and tear

    but my hand is stilled before
    i can dare for seven people whose
    love runs as deep as they say

    bound my hand with promises cord
    i am the damned and in my hate
    for seven rings of searing fate

    i cannot die by mine own hand
    this promise made to seven
    and in the end the power holds true

    i cannot die by mine own hand