• Run! Run! The girl has exploded!
    She is horribly angry now.
    Getting near her is very bad
    For she will bite your head clean off!
    Run for the hills across the field
    Or to your home across the street.
    Whatever you do, just beware,
    Get to close and you'll be finished.
    Why is this girl oh so angry?
    What has happened to the poor thing?
    I for one do not really know
    But I have some reasons to why
    This girl is so upset right now.
    Could it be of her preppy class?
    Or is it her fourth teacher here?
    I think the responsible one
    To explain for this girl's anger
    Would have to be her family.
    This is where her stress level goes
    Up, up, up, up and far away.
    Who ever it is to be blamed
    Let's just steer clear away from the
    Poor, angry adolescent girl.