• When i stood in that crowd
    looking at you behind a shrowd
    i didnt know what to think
    i didnt know if my spirits should lift or sink
    when i looked at you first
    my heart didnt just burst
    it was a growing love
    i came to know
    but one that was hard to show
    in then end i think things turned out right
    but i still think it over everynight
    mabey later in life
    this wont end with so much strife
    i hope your not mad at me
    but i know this is how things should be
    you were not made for me
    this i wish you would just see
    I dont know what i put you through
    i dont know what i have made you do
    but i just hope you realize
    that when i look in your eyes
    I only see a friend
    I dont think my feelings will ever bend