• #95: my name is Mondia
    I like to play with shiny things
    I saw a sparkle in the distance
    Ran to it this beautiful morning
    As I touched it, it exploded
    Blew my legs right off of me
    My mother shall never tell me to be strong again

    My name is Badeshi
    Perhaps maybe you could tell me
    If you could here and somehow understand
    Perhaps you could tell me why I have a third hand out of my neck
    Or maybe you could tell me what uranium is
    And why was I born with cancer
    No one knew this was a nuclear field
    But you fired your DU here on open ground

    My name is Hajji
    My father went off in the war
    Just days later my mom was taken in a raid
    Londis my sister was shot in the back
    I’m alone with my left had taken by the army

    My name is Akin
    I went with my father on a hunt
    With just two bullets to bring down food to the village
    When we returned with a gazelle
    Found the village turned to a black mark upon the earth
    With little water we wandered the dessert for help