• I reach out to catch you,
    To cradle your head in my arms,
    But you slip right through my fingers,
    And land among the stars.

    I didn’t really realize, the time you began to drift.
    Your spirit seeking comfort, whilst mine began to shift,
    Unintentionally ignoring them, your subtle cries for help,
    Well and truly focused only on myself.
    Within your written letters, there you scribed your pain,
    I didn’t pay attention until you lay gone,
    Cold at the foot of a hill, mind and body slain.

    You asked me one day, did I ever wish to be free?
    To be honest, those words didn’t mean anything to me.
    It was your spirt locked inside that now eternal cage of fully justified hurt,
    That was begging for someone to help you turn a new leaf over.
    Our chance to save you fled when your hands found that cursed rope,
    On the wings of ignorance had fled your last shred of hope.

    I should have paid attention; now all I can do is cry.
    You left us all divided, as you watch on from the sky.
    Faith will never truly know you, sadly nor will we.
    Cling now to you well deserved peace, until maybe one day,
    We will meet.

    -Hannah Dearlove