• You left me to rot in this casket
    The cold world tht seals me in
    You left me to bleed
    Bleed all the hopes and dreams I had of us out on to the floor
    You left me to die
    Die in this bitter place of loneliness and despair

    The second you walked in I praised your name
    and now i curse you and him all the same
    You shone like an angel, atleast in my eyes
    But it was all light tricks, just like the rest of your lies
    your lips kissed me with the sweetest taste
    and now if i could I'd spit it all back in your face

    I wish I could hurt you
    like a razor to a wrist
    but all i can do is clench my fists
    i thought u loved me, but i guess i was wrong
    you just took away my heart
    laced in barbed wire
    now my chest is on fire
    and I'm left cold and heartless
    all because of your lying

    i don't know why I'm trying
    He's the new me right?
    Atleast now I see the light
    when you find a new love
    the old ones cant even put up a fight

    I hope your happy
    you've damaged me so
    I hope your life is bitter
    and maybe even more