• cant wait
    i dont want to be late
    some people can relate
    bcuz love hits you striaght
    thats how fate
    tells you to move along
    with the songs and
    the flows that keep on coming
    and you dont stop running
    people call you dummy
    why you so runny
    why you so sad
    you sit their thinking
    and blinking
    not knowing how to explain
    why it rains
    in your own special trian
    now you think ur lame
    and insane
    and you feel all your pain
    that you dont want to gain
    but someday it will rain the tears of joy
    when you meet that speical someone
    that would like to run
    with you all the way
    and you say
    "i love you"
    and close you eyes
    and you wake and and notice the dream didnt die
    that nothing was a lie

    by me wierdemokid 69 i just thought of it