• Eyes blue like the ocean
    But blind like a Cave Fish
    He doesn't see me smile
    As he passes by

    I lower my head in shame
    For lack of words to say
    To my friends shouting around me
    I don't know why I feel this way

    A love that burns within my heart
    Has burned me too many times
    It eats me from the inside
    Leaving only dead cells behind

    I try to excuse his ignorance
    By telling myself he's my friend
    But I know it not true, it's a lie
    And I find it difficult to get by

    Days pass and things barely change
    He doesn't want to talk to me
    If only he knew the pain
    That cripples me, I can't move

    He turns his head my way
    And tears come to my eyes
    Yet I can't look away
    I won't, not today

    I won't give in
    Until he knows
    The extent of my love
    I've felt solely for him

    I'm a broken doll of porcelain
    Lying upon the shelf
    Until his smile, his warmth
    Puts me back together again

    When I touched his skin
    Heard his breath, felt his heart beat
    I knew what I felt was true, for real
    Love's kindness offered me a treat

    Though I've suffered greatly
    I get to stare into his oblivious eyes
    To be invisible to him
    Like a love ninja, or spy

    His eyes are like diamonds,
    They're like the stars in the sky
    I can't turn my head, but I don't know why
    They enchant me with their beauty

    I see, you see
    He's high in the sky like Lucy

    **** in the sky with diamonds...