• she used all her might
    but then she saw a sight.

    she had gone to say her question
    but she saw somthing she rather not mention.

    he was kissing kusaga yomada
    a total argument starta'.

    she went to him
    her heart going quite dim.

    her whole demeener changed
    its like her heart was manged

    "there is somthing is need to tellya."
    "if you dont know i would sellya..."

    "i dont even mind telling you to goto hell."
    "your not even worth the munny and effort to sell"

    "your a scum who steals a willing heart"
    "then just throws it away like a old tart"

    he looked shocked
    even the other girl felt mocked.

    she walked away singing to herself
    "you may not know me,but i am,very undecided.im not true to myself"
    "i can be a boys worst nightmare,if dont lose it."
    she walked out,eyes almost firey,the boys were to scared to sit.