• Crimson stains upon my skin
    Hope that I won't breath again
    Kiss my lips immortal fiend
    Take the last of my sanguine
    Passion flares into the night
    Don't stop now, it feels so right
    My heart beat stops; the darkness comes
    Something wicked this way runs
    It is the Beast, he's set to kill
    As my flesh begins to chill
    My eyes to ice, blue as the cold
    My lips are full, blood red and bold
    My hair was ebony to start
    But it shines now, bright as a star
    My teeth like pearls are sharper still
    For me to use to feed at will
    I feel my body now give way
    To love the night and hate the day
    The sun now is mine enemy
    I'll miss it not for it burns me
    The blood it bonds me to my sire
    The love I feel will never tire
    Power courses through my veins
    More refreshing than summer rain
    Drives me, pushes me on
    Until the arrival of burning dawn
    I lie against his skin so dark
    I touch my neck; he left his mark
    Together we have eternity
    Immortal I will always be