• You can't live your live in a fantasy.
    For one day, you will be dead.
    Find what calls out to your soul.
    Go and find true happiness.
    What is true happiness you ask?
    Nobody really knows...
    Perhaps, it is what makes you feel real joy, peace, and blissful serenity.
    Live your life.
    Through all the bad things, and all the good things...
    Just live this unique life to the fullest.
    You can't live your life in a fantasy.
    But that does not mean you cannot be a dreamer.
    Yet dreams don't always come true.
    But that is life.
    Live with what you've got,
    For you won't be alive forever.
    Live a harmonious life,
    Or at least try.
    For life is a precious gift that you cannot waste...