• i was new and "that girl"
    the color at the school made my mind swirl.

    it was a pink and red
    its not as i was led..

    i dont like the shades at all
    but the roof is very tall..

    it feels like a library to me
    with a garden full of bees!

    it was goergious i must admit
    but there was hardly a place to sit.

    i walked to the door to enter
    the school had a decoration at the center.

    i was in a most dreadful uniform
    one i wished i could have torn...

    i entered and looked around
    no one made a sound.

    i said "hi" as they gasped
    who im guessing was the cool girl,rasped.

    everyone surrounded me
    as if i was a queen-to-be.

    they looked at me as if i was a goddess
    i was pretty and very modest.

    i started to think"this might be a good year"
    for the first time in my life,today i shed no tear.