• I wander into the cool dark place,
    resting peacefully under the shadows.
    My heart beats slowly,
    carrying my small breaths out in tranquil puffs.
    A warm uninvited hand touches my forehead.
    I look up to see the face of he who had forsaken me.
    I turn around, daring not to care or cry, for I will not forgive.
    You.. You left me alone, while he who sits beside me...
    He's been here forever.
    He warned me not to love you ever.
    He warned me not to put my faith into you,
    for you never listen.
    He listened though...
    Now that I've found him you decide to care?
    Is it that you've lost dignity?
    You don't want us to have anybody?
    Once people give their all to you, you turn around...
    You haven't ever had to fight for the love you've been given.
    You've never had to convince somebody, as he has to do.
    Everybody throws themselves at your feet willingly.
    It is in my heart to comfort...
    It is in my heart to loved the unloved,
    So I push away your hand and walk off,
    towards the one who has deserved it for so long.
    You should be proud of me,
    because I have done as you said,
    and loved the enemy.