• I reach into my pocket
    like an old submarine,
    to search for loose change
    in a silvery sea.

    Found a quarter, one or two,
    it should be enough.
    Happiness is what'll do,
    from mischief and fun.

    Machines in crowds of four
    giggle, "welcome" in tune.
    I'm not sure which one to choose-
    it's all just too hard,
    to get some fun for summer this June.

    Dainty toys and crane machines
    and games of classic past,
    come to challenge me
    for time to be passed.

    Not sure to choose a game,
    of amusement and light,
    or a steady flame,
    that attracts me alright.
    It's all confusing to me,
    Squeezing me for my attention.
    It's not fair, why don't they see
    that my heart cannot last.

    Then out the blue,
    you came though-
    a colorful machine
    with dazzle for all.

    After an hour
    my change disappears.
    My pockets empty,
    my arms bundled with toys.
    It's a good day in June.