• she said, i said

    she said, "forget about me,"
    she whispered, "don't waste your time."
    she told me not to turn this into
    another useless rhyme.

    she said, "don't worry over me."
    she yelled, "you deserve better."
    she told me to get some one new,
    and my face only got wetter.

    she said, " i can't love you anymore,"
    she mouthed, "now she can have your heart."
    she told me not to love her,
    and that made me depart.

    but as i left,
    i said to her
    in a whisper
    she could just hear...

    "you still love me,
    i know for a fact,
    and i wish you wouldn't
    put up this act.

    "i may be with
    her now,
    but i still love you,
    and how.

    "and if i can't
    be your lover,
    could i at least
    be your brother?"