• They said to stay away from the world
    To rue the day that your whole heart curled
    And hurled itself against the walls.

    The Autumn world whispers,
    And this is what whispers upon his lips:

    "Spring is the season of redemption.
    But fret, love, that it's the way of deception.
    They dance in circles to avoid what's around
    So they wander, round and round.

    "Summer is the season of late loves.
    But fret, darling, that it's the way of lust,
    And lust leads to the dust
    And the dust wanders aimlessly,
    Keeping you away from reality.

    "Winter is the season of death.
    Don't fret, love, for I will always protect
    The worlds of bitter sweetness
    And kill the worlds to suspect.

    "My darling, stay with your Autumn.
    I stay by your side and offer you warmth,
    Offer you a hearth.
    But the one thing I cannot offer you
    That the others would do
    Is offer you a heart,
    And love,
    And a moment in my arms."

    So now I wander the world alone,
    For I gave Autumn my heart
    And then some.