• It's falling apart and you don't understand,
    It's falling apart and you don't have a plan,
    It's falling apart and you can't even see,
    So why doesn't anyone listen to me?

    You walk around blindly, you don't even care,
    You walk around smiling, you miss my blank stare,
    You walk around happy, like nothing is wrong,
    But what'll you do when everything is gone?

    It's easy to bypass the rot of the world,
    It's easy to ignore the hell that unfurls,
    It's easy to pretend it all goes away,
    But why can't we hear what the truth has to say?

    I'm watching as each piece falls out of its place,
    I'm watching the smiles stay stuck to your face,
    I'm watching everything get jumbled and torn,
    The future awaiting is bleak and forlorn.