• He lusts. He crushes. He defeats.
    With him, behind him, are his fleets.
    And then he found us,
    Surrounded by dusk.

    "What do you wait for, children?" he asks,
    A cruel smile upon his plastered face.
    Then he takes off all the masks.
    To show us his true base
    Of a dark angel's face.

    He was surrounded by clouds of smoke.
    Everyone would know his expression was of no joke.
    He called to you with one finger
    Forcing you to be by his side, and linger.

    I called to you,
    Screamed your name.
    But the owl claimed a hoot,
    And told me, "You ought to be ashamed."

    I couldn't stand it as he touched you,
    Claimed you.
    So I ran away from the owl's hoot,
    Running fast in my boots.

    You told them to avenge my absence,
    My own friend!
    But I knew, that was nonsense.
    No more company, would I lend.

    You, my own friend, are a dark angel.
    And you try to catch me in your own cloud.
    But I rebel against your tangle.
    And scream, so, so loud.

    I have no one this twillight.
    And I fight
    Not to cave in
    With all my might.

    You abandoned me.
    Turned your back.
    So now a heart's key--my heart's key
    Is what I lack.