• Another early morning.
    For another tir'ing week.
    A new guy comes to work
    You can see blush in my cheeks.

    He has been through lots of relationships.
    The same amount as me.
    Although he still loves his last.
    Theres something about him that makes him shine.

    I wish I could remember.
    Oh gosh what is his name?
    There's something about him more and more.
    That makes him seem like fame.

    I think about him every day.
    The thoughts never end.
    Can you be the one?
    It's time for us to mend.

    I wonder if you feel the same.
    Can you express your love to me at all?
    You always make me laugh.
    And when my mood's going down,

    You can break it's fall.
    Death can be an escape.
    But only in a painful way.
    But you can live the painless way.

    By finding someone to love every day.
    Though we had only known each other not very long.
    I still find my thoughts wandering off about you.
    I can't take it! I love you to much to be away.

    And if you don't love me.... Then that's okay too.
    I wish you were mine.
    I wish you could see.
    What part of you.

    Makes me be me.
    The time has come.
    I want to change.
    But my question is,

    Are you in my heart's range?