• There are too many faces,
    and so many places,
    to remember them all,
    as I watch them fall.

    Trees tear up the foundation of mankind,
    because of all many creatures left behind,
    The tall buildings crumble and go,
    where great rivers used to flow.

    The roads half paved and the wild runs,
    they dance and play under the glow that is the Suns,
    Canopies grow way up high into the sky,
    where all the deceased birds fly.

    Boats and ships upturned by waves,
    the harbor sunken beneath all the craze,
    and the moons lite's the only thing to light the night,
    as predators come out to fight.

    It was a dream I once had,
    because we've all gone mad,
    before we are humans we are mammals,
    before we are mammals we are animals.