• Mommy, mommy - can't you see?
    What this pain did to me?
    I close my eyes, forever to sleep
    To rest in my full eternity

    At the age of 15
    I got tired and I got weak

    It would be too late, once you found me
    Already gone, already Asleep.
    I have no answers.
    I don't know why or how I ended up with the wings to fly

    No certain day, no suspected time
    To leave you my dear, worth no good-byes

    We don't understand
    Until, once in the promise land
    Who would of thought of me?

    I tried…
    To keep from going through with suicide.

    My dear, stand clear from the pain
    Do not leave my memory here in vain.

    Once it's done, the clock ticks time
    Be ready for me, to go without a warning.
    To go without any goodbye….