• Let me be there.
    let me be the pep in your step, the person you say hello in the morning, the person by your side. Let me be the one who helps you up when your down, the person who cheer you on, your close friend. Let me be there when you excel agianst others, let me be the person who congradulate you. Let me be the sholder you cry on after a bad break up, let me help you when you are trying to move on. when no one ask you out to go to the dance let me be the one to escort you there. let me be the Knight in shining armor, or the prince who kisses you. Let me be more than your friend, more than the go to guy. Let me love you with my heart and soul and if we can not be lovers than let me be by your side. they may call ou a fool for bieng friends with a guy like me but hey who cares. if they mock you let me be the shield which protects you.
    Let me love you.