• A piercing scream into the night
    As An angel takes it's flight
    Brought down By Darkened chains
    Causing nothing but shattering pain
    A fight begins for the angels life
    Trying hard to find the light
    Begging all to rescue her
    Though none can hear the terrored words
    An evil laugh comes from the man
    Who takes the angel in his hand
    He whispers words of love and joy
    She can see through his decoy
    And on she struggles for the flight
    That she believes will save her life
    But chains around her pull so tight
    She cannot breathe, she cannot cry
    A wing is freed Though not enough
    And it's soon pulled from the cuff
    Holding it to the angels back
    She starts to cry he starts to laugh
    With but one wing the angel falls
    No other angel hears her calls
    Down towards the fiery earth
    With chains and pain no sign of mirth
    All in seconds the angel is dead
    Trying to fly but falling instead
    No one will notice the missing girl
    She is gone from this world