• Secrets unspoken,
    And hearts being broken.
    I cant help but feign -
    Act like I'm not in pain.

    I want it to be true,
    But all I've heard of you.
    How I wish I knew.
    How I wish I knew.

    You're my one and only
    And I am so very lonely
    How do you feel for me?
    You've got to help me see.

    I'm running through a maze,
    Spending all my days.
    Wondering what we could be.
    Your love could set me free.

    Trapped in every motion.
    A tempest of emotion.
    An unprotected heart.
    An an unforeseen start.

    Again I fall too fast,
    Only to come in last.
    Now I close the curtain
    On my past so uncertain.