• My world is turning upside down
    inside out
    cant control my mind no more
    its just just the same just the same way i was before

    i cant give up on you now just watchin my heart bleedin bleedin cold
    dont let it let it out you know that i cant hold
    the remnants inside their broken chambers
    just let it flow and let your thoughts and feelings linger here

    Inside me dont make me bleed
    dont make me throw up the feelings that are inside
    dont make me throw up
    this hard cold world

    Its not pretty anymore
    as if it ever was
    you cant give up on me now
    now that youve already given
    what you have i cant take anymore
    of this livin
    just keep forgivin
    until i give up on you give up on you (give up on you, give up on you, give up on you)

    all of the colors that have faded away as the years grow the dark
    and the sky turns to gray
    and all the clouds of existence start drifting away

    as if you ever loved me ever loved me at all
    as if you ever gave me gave me what i needed
    there is no real love here in this world full of darkness
    cant you hear the heartbeat of the silent raindrops?

    there is no love anymore
    there is no color to the world i thought i knew so well
    and even if you miss me
    oh well
    i will never touch your lips again
    not for the last time
    and its all over

    just leave me alone and dont come back ever
    i will never give you a chance not for forever
    and if you really cared you wouldve showed me
    you really wanted me

    its over
    leave me alone now
    i dont want you now or ever
    just go
    and please dont come back
    you cause me the pain and misery
    that i never wanted or needed
    so get the f**k out