• I'm going to trust my heart to you
    To heal the wounds that may lay
    I'm giving you this fragile heart to protect
    Then all my fears shall melt away

    Take this lonely heart, wrap it in warmth
    Make sure it never cries, within your care
    It will beat it's lovely melody just for you
    The melody growing every moment you share

    I'm letting you have this heart of mine
    To teach me the true magic of love
    I'm handing you my one and only heart
    Then my sadness, I shall rise above

    Here is my heart, cherish it with love
    Let it thrive and beat along with your own heart
    They'll beat as one, as to beat forever
    Being together, mine will not break apart

    I'm trusting my heart to be with you
    To remind that our love will always last
    I'm sending you this loving heart to love
    Then all our problems will perish to the past