• One of those days, the crisp morning shining like a glass orb in a gypsy's tent.
    The air has moist but bitter smelling fragrance, its dew drops crystallized from the cold of a new day. No rain, no snow, no clouds, only a golden orange caramel flavor; coating the sky over the hilltop. Looking out your Window sill, smelling eggs and bacon from your lovers cooking. Hearing the squish and squeeze of an orange. Your lover's gentle voice calmly saying "Come and get it..." with a smile on His or Her face. You rub her stomach or he rubs yours, waiting for that special kick to feel. When the day reaches the lick of noon, it rains gently; giving that soft and subtle noise that shows mother natures tears of joy and bliss.
    Nightfall hits the day, covering the world with twinkles of fire, making that wish from a runaway star. Small candlelight or lamp, Your sweet is in bed waiting for you come, after a brush of mint and a gargle of aqua; you lay in your soft bed holding her close or having him hold you. Closing your eyes, feeling the warmth of that love's heat; you drift to the bliss of dream. Wondering of your fate of Nightmare or Fantasy. Dreaming of tomorrow, the next day of that special. Timeless Peace.