• When you loose someone close.
    Your world seems to end.
    Your heart lies in tatters.
    And refuses to mend.

    When you loose someone dear.
    Your tears fall like rain.
    You hide all your emotions.
    Like heartache and pain.

    When a life that you love.
    Has come to an end.
    You look for the reasons.
    You seek help from a friend.

    Just remember the good times.
    The love that you shared.
    And I promise you one day.
    Your heart will be repaired.

    The fun and the laughter.
    The tears mixed with joy.
    The walks in the sunset.
    The times you enjoyed.

    So come dry your eyes.
    Lets have no more sorrow.
    You’ve a life still to live.
    And your life begins tomorrow.