• Forever and always,
    Never Let me go back to my dark days,
    I cry over you,
    But you don't notice,
    I am broken,
    Why must you hate me?
    When all I want to be,
    Is close to you,
    Spread your wings and carry me away,
    Let's escape today,
    You can't even look at me,
    But your face is the mirror of vanity,
    It is impossible for me to look away,
    You don't care,
    I can't bare,
    The stress,
    Everything I used to know is a mess,
    So I hide away in my secret place,
    Not from you,
    From something I can't escape,
    While my tears fall,
    As I think that you don't care for me at all,
    It finds me,
    My own mind found me,
    I try to run but it seems I'm trapped in a locked place with no key,
    I must face it,
    I turn to it with a grave expression,
    Then my thoughts begin to make their impression,
    The one who hates me,
    Is no longer on my mind,
    I must search for myself,
    Afraid of what I might find,
    So I begin my search,
    I don't know how long I looked,
    When I found what was buried in my mind,
    Something I hadn't seen in a very long time,
    Could it be?
    Yes it was....