• Come together and sing the hymn of the heavens.
    As of now, our souls are one, and our love is bonded.
    We will no longer fight each other with blood involved.
    We are now consumed with care; With love thrust into our being.

    Rise again, dear soldier of pain and sorrow,
    Your world is now coming together as you had fought for.
    Your dreams are now being realized,
    Your goals finally renewed.

    Intertwine thyself unto the others,
    Become one with whom you really are.
    You shan't be discharged from your duties,
    But the only duties you have now are to yourself.

    You have become tainted with the blood-lust,
    Your hands are stained red--
    But you have new salvation coming,
    Your weakest moments will be erased.

    Break into your new form, thus showing love,
    Return the good fortune that has struck you,
    Give back those lives that you took,
    And Revive the souls of the tainted, as I did yours.

    Our meaning on this earth we love,
    Is becoming more and more cloudy.
    More and more destructive is how we grow,
    We do not see that we are killing our brethren.

    We bore our holes into each other without care,
    Hollow have we become in doing so.
    We are nothing but mere shells,
    Being used by the puppeteer's we call our leaders.

    We have become pawns,
    And we allow them to control our knowledge.
    We let them in, and they take,
    Everything we could possibly need to survive.

    So come with me, my new found friends,
    Realize our true purpose.
    Let us give back what they have stolen from the world,
    Let us bring back the love and valor that was all knew before.

    Take my hand for this final battle,
    The battle that will change everything we knew.
    This battle will have many casualties, much treachery,
    And will cause much of pain during it's agonizing fights.

    We will soon rewrite history,
    Undo our families wrongs.
    Let us begin this war with our oppressors,
    And become something they could only dream of.