• Its foolish that we are tought to beleaive that we can see. That we are free and can dream of dreams. But deep we know that nothing is as it seems. We are not free, we can not dream, nor can we truely see that it is foolish that we constenly ask who we have to be. The lawyers lay out speechs, but really they are the government's leachs. The people rise to impeach yet they are allways put to sleep. And to know this hurt deeply, but as i said we cant dream freely. Im only trying to be me. Not careing how you seem thee. Wether you hate,trust, or love me. I ask that you dont fallow, so that mabey we are not swallowed. But deep we know they are hollow. We are hanging like puppets, dangaling by the governments strings. Care you see all the dread this brings. The children cry as they we scream, the US used to be a team. Now we live in fear, as the government lives off our tears. I bet Right now they are saying Cheers. My message is not to hate, its to open our eyes that we are only used as bait. people gather round and speak to me. Now do you feel like you can finally see. I tell you that i only have but one dream, that the children of to tomarrow and live and be free. That they can play on the streets or climb in a tree. That they can laugh rather then cry, And have joy as they play with their toy. I only wish to see, that they care grow to be happyer then me.

    Written By
    Eric Enlow