• Dear old friend,
    That I loved and trusted the most,
    That I wished so bad to make amends,
    Thank you for finally opening my eyes,
    Showing me the side I refused to see,
    And thanks to you, now I finally realize,
    I never meant a god damn thing to you.

    You've kicked me down and lied to me,
    All with a sweet smile, saying you care,
    And I can't believe it took so long to see,
    That you're just a devil with angel wings,
    That you never really did care about me,
    Though I was a fool, believed everything,
    And now I will never let it happen again.

    I gave you more shots than you deserved,
    Thinking every word you told me was true,
    Thinking our friendship should be preserved,
    Thinking so highly of you despite all of this,
    And now I see that I am nothing but a fool,
    And you are not someone that I should miss,
    And I deserve so much better than your "love."

    You can go ahead and tell them all you want,
    And manipulate all of them to think me cruel,
    b***h, I'll take this with an attitude so nonchalant,
    Because I know what the truth is, and your lies,
    And I know that I am so much better than you,
    So tonight we say our so bitter"sweet" goodbyes,
    'Cause I won't let you do the same things to me.

    When the day comes you finally wake up and see,
    I'll just be a memory that slipped through your fingers,
    Gone a very long time ago, I'll be the one that got away.