• Open a bottle of champagne,
    to drown those sorrows.
    No need to save it for happier times,
    that's all behind you.
    Go ahead and complain,
    by all means you deserve to.
    No need to rave about greater times,
    those have passed you by.
    Who knew the guilt you contain,
    from all those who left you.
    Don't think about those who haven't left.
    There are barely any.
    I can see the pain,
    that life has caused you.
    Don't remember the joy.
    For joy never came.
    You have taken that gold chain,
    from the one you lost,
    and have gone to join them.
    Don't think about your life,
    or how it could have been lived,
    because you can't change it.
    The way you've been treated is inhumane,
    all the hurt and all the pain.
    It's enough to drive anyone insane.
    But I can see it's too late.
    Life has run its course,
    and for you my friend,
    the fact is,
    it was never easy
    but now it's over
    and the real adventure can begin.