• I realize now, that I'm alone
    My thoughts have all been turned to stone
    Those who I thought I could trust
    Have now been taken over by lust

    Telling me everything was how it's been
    You keep lying to me, what a sin
    You'll someday see the price
    And you won't like the sacrifice

    You lied and you cheated
    I can't believe you havn't been deleted
    How can you even stand yourself?
    Now you're nothing more then a book on my shelf

    I hope you get caught in the act
    I hope you get crushed from the impact
    Knowing that the one you've been cheating on
    Will forever be gone

    I know I'm mean and cruel
    But it's because you've been the fool
    You're such a horrible liar to me
    And now I can fully see we will never be

    I hate your guts
    You drive me nuts
    Why is it everytime I think about you
    I can't deny that I love you..