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    The grass upon the untainted hill
    Its blades became my sanctuary
    Laughter and awe, a memory soon
    Father time a treacherous enemy
    A whistle and CRASH! Delight to follow
    A sight marvelous indeed
    Multiplied tenfold by friends and by lovers
    At least one world's free from greed
    I lie there unworried with my eyes fixed above
    Since your lap was the earths security
    Glance upwards to see your lips so perfect
    But tonight I'm in no hurry
    Here it comes! Here it comes!
    Simultaneous shouts from the crowd
    You looked at me and I at you
    I thought I had spoken my heart out loud
    Please please put your lips to mine
    The night would replay forever
    Ironically a noise had pulled us apart
    A cruel twist of fate became all too clever
    Years went by and so she forgot
    Time, apparently, heals all
    One young boy, a hiatus on feeling
    What a shame Summers echo is forever The Fall