• Life is like a... piece of art you can paint it anyway you want
    Life is like a... music piece you can listen to whatever you want
    Life is like a... story book and you are the author
    Life is like a... picture where everything is just a picture and nothing more
    Life is like a... book where you just want to just keep reading and reading but it'll stop eventually
    Life is like a... touch where it can never be destroyed
    Life is like a... sound so if you can't see just listen
    Life is like a... house so you just have to be grateful for what you've got
    Life is like a... exam you have to study hard because you know you only have one chance at it
    So all I'm saying is your life is great... so just live it as it is and if something goes wrong... just think about what you did wrong, and next time... try to remember about what happened and just don't do it again... so be grateful of what you've got cause some people don't even have a house and they don't even have a house let alone any shelter at all...