• Falling swiftly through the floor,
    My poor body can’t take much more.
    Burning sorrow, blunted knife,
    All I want is to take this life.
    Boundless hate and driving pain,
    Forces tears to fall like rain.
    Calling out, they can’t hear,
    Anxious words tinged with fear.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures,
    All because those of a feather, flock together.

    Burning bitter words I speak,
    Trying madly to suppress this heat.
    Lines of anger, spiels of rage,
    Falling swiftly I build this cage,
    And lock away all rational emotions.
    Trapped inside, I can’t see out,
    Or feel your arms reaching out to help.
    Patiently waiting for me to see,
    That maybe, just maybe,
    You care deeply for me.

    I should count my blessings, I really should.
    Rather than misunderstanding,
    And being misunderstood.
    Be thankful for you, your love and support,
    Ignore all others who try and thwart,
    My reason for living a fruitful life.