• Take a seat
    Would you like a drink or
    A cigarette? Cos I can get it
    A few dollars and a phone call later
    I can have those smokes in your hand

    Take a breath
    Would you like a kiss or
    Just a friend? I've got that covered
    Just hold my hand and I will take you
    Up and away to a long-forgotten land

    Hilltops and freeways
    Staring into outer space
    Overlooking the vast horizon, blue
    Driveways and rooftops
    Close your eyes, the whole world stops
    Undertaking a moment here with you

    Because where we are
    Can't be reached by plane or car
    We're flying with the stars passing by
    And what we do
    Is only known by me and you
    We're riding solo, together in the sky

    Take a chance to wipe those tears
    No one's going to hurt you here
    Let go of your worries and fears
    And enjoy the view
    Take a risk and show that smile
    And just be happy for a while
    Forget about the wicked and vile
    And enjoy the view