• Under the full moon
    Shining in darkness
    Gaining strength and sight
    Always feel like I'm careless
    Mind of an owl
    Always watching without light
    No sleep, it's always very foul

    Leaping from different heights
    The shadow that's unseen for many nights
    Following the calls of the owls
    No person shall see me up during daytime
    A nocturnal mind
    Silent and blending in
    Running feet are always muted
    Staying up is not a huge sin

    Fast in the dark
    Complexed enough, always
    Red, white, and black running shoes
    I'm meant to be sleepless in these fierce nocturnal nights
    Shadows of a night owl
    Almost blends in with the wolf's eyes
    Watching every living thing move
    Watching the moment to capture my prize

    Still nighttime
    Grandfather clock strikes eleven
    Nocturnal as a night wolf
    The owls are deep within the luckiest seven
    No less within shadows' feet
    Once morning begins
    I will vanish sooner, until we once again meet