• ~intro~
    Now all the boys
    Yea and all the girls
    Come together now

    ~Verse 1~
    You see this heart?
    this brown heart
    Decaying heart
    It was all
    all for you
    But as days go by
    It grows darker and darker
    just like your days
    Oh i cant wait

    My brown heart
    And your Darkening days
    They go together
    like yin and yang
    like jeans simmons n' glitter
    like bella and edward (so cliche)
    But you get my point

    ~Verse 2~
    Cant you see,
    Our old love has burn
    Burned out
    it lays to rest in my chest
    together with our memories
    but i'm sure you share some of this grief
    the cross you bear
    Not only holds me
    But you vicious peers as well
    Walk on walk on


    ~Verse 3~
    Second chances
    and new beginnings
    This is how the phoniex goes
    Forth from old ashes
    It will fly
    And it will die
    And past memories
    forgiven not forgotten
    Will you take my hand
    and help me draw a new beginning
    Take this draft
    and put in your own twist?
    Ooh baby, How i love you